A Return to the Rule of Power

This has already happened, and we might as well make the best of it. And recognize the demise of Democracy – for most of the world’s people.

The world was once divided in two worlds – Capitalism and Communism. Communism has fallen by the wayside – and only Capitalism remains. And Capitalism is being divided into the Rich and everyone else. The upper one percent (or one-tenth of one percent) – those with moderate means – and the poor.

I was once one of those with moderate means. I could afford a master bedroom and an old car – but not much else. I could not begin to support a family – something my father could do fairly easily.

If I married, my wife would have to work also – and having children would be difficult. We would be forced to resort to desperate measures to increase our income – by being economically (and morally) ruthless.

Capitalism does not favor democracy or equality. It favors despotic rule – and an oligarchy.

American History furnishes an example. The loose confederation of American states only won its independence from Britain, with the help of France – once the French Fleet blockaded American ports – the War was over.

The Founding Fathers recognized that a strong central government would be necessary – economically and militarily. And the result was the Constitution and the United States of America.

This was followed by Industrialization that changed everything. By the end of the 19th Century (and a Civil War) America was an Industrial Country – with its very rich, and a huge numbers of foreign-born workers for its factories and railroads.

What followed was a miracle – the violent struggles between Capital and Labor were resolved – and a Middle Class was formed. This was made possible by public schools that produced informed citizens – and strong political movements that helped the poor in the farms and urban slums.

America had a democracy! And it was assumed that many would follow. All they had to do was follow America’s example. Which, however, they could not do. They would have to do through the long process of Industrialization – followed by social reforms.

In all of Latin America – only one came close, Costa Rica, where I now live. And it is a relatively poor country – compared to the States. Industrialization had not penetrated here – only social reforms.

The rest of the world is a disaster area – with huge numbers of the very poor, and violent civil wars.

In America and Europe, and all the partially-developed countries (such as Brazil, India, and Russia) – there has been a return to the rule of the Powerful. Enforced by TV and the Computer.

The Computer interests me especially – because I spent 20 years of my working life there. In Software (the stuff that makes it all work) there are two opposing forces – one that favors democracy – and one that favors the rule of power.

I would like to think the forces that favor democracy have a fighting chance. And I am right now studying the Java programming language – for the third time. This is forcing me to realize how few people the Computer industry can employ.

No one else has a chance – and they are reacting violently to this severe restriction of their interests.


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