The Use and Misuse of Power

This is another of my think pieces – that few are interested in.  People do not want to think about their world – and prefer to fantasize about it. There is a difference.

The Brexit today is a fine example of the later. The Brits do not mind shooting themselves in the foot – if they fantasize that this is to their advantage.

Large numbers of Americans may do this also, if they elect Trump. And the list goes on and on.

This is a misuse of power – democratic power – where the majority can force their views on a minority. Plenty of dictatorships have begun by winning an election – and then abusing their power, once elected.

In the U.S. – this began when Business Interests – the few people at the top of any organization – took advantage of their power. Everyone else could say, quite accurately “There is nothing we can do about it!”

Whoever controls the top, controls everything.


One thought on “The Use and Misuse of Power

  1. As a scot (we all voted to remain), I can offer some insight on Brexit.

    It wasn’t a clear case of power abuse. David Cameron arguably had the most power in swaying opinion (he was Remain), but lost to an underdog movement.

    The main drive was immigration. The ethnocentric rhetoric spun by our nationalists and the opportunists in the Conservative party was able to convince enough English people that their way of life was under threat from Muslims and other non-White immigrants.

    The authoritarians won.

    It’s a real shame when fear and ignorance trump hope and reason.

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