Living with Mental Illness

This is one of our biggest problems – and is much more common than we want to admit.

Not too long ago, insanity was a favorite subject for novelists and playwrights. It was accepted as part of the part of the human condition that we have to cope with – often unsuccessfully.

But, as the problem became a huge problem, the easiest solution was to ignore it – which made it even worse.

Examples of insanity in everyday life are so numerous – it is often easier to describe our moments of sanity by contrast – if they can be found.

We keep saying, as loudly as we can “Nothing bad is going on!” When Bad is all around us – and, for that matter – in us. I include myself in this.

As I observe what seem to be crazy situations – I have developed a way to deal with them:

  1. Is this an insane situation?
  2. If so, is it something I can live with?
  3. If I can’t live with it – I have to get out of it.

This was the solution adopted by the early Christians – who had to cope with living in the Roman Empire. They tried to leave the world, and live in poverty and social isolation. But if that failed – they followed the example of Christ – to die as a martyr – and join him in Heaven.

The main invention of Christianity was its belief in an afterlife – which was the main event. Life on earth was just a preparation for that. Islam, which came along a little later – adopted this belief also.

As a complete solution, this was very successful – and took over as Rome failed. This was insane – but an insanity that was successful. Later on, it would become a successful Business practice – get people to believe in a crazy idea – and then make money off of it.

I lived with this for 20 years in the Computer Industry – it seemed crazy to me, but not to anyone else. I had to get out – and I moved to Costa Rica.

Everything I have described is greatly helped, if the culture does not admit that insanity exists.


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