Not Being Human

I am still trying to understand Americans, even though I am no longer living among them. And I have concluded that – they do not want to be understood, and will do anything to keep from being understood.

By this desperate act – they are defining who they are – nothing!

This is truly an amazing state of being – and one we should be taking seriously. How can we understand people who do not exist? We can’t – all we can do is observe these people in action – and consider them a black box that reacts certain ways in certain situations – in other words, a piece of machinery – where a given combination of inputs yields predicable outputs. But fuzzy logic has to be used here – that only yields probabilities, not certainties.

Can this be done? Yes, if we carefully understand what we are trying to do. A good example of this is The Limousine Liberal: How an Incendiary Image United the Right and Fractured America. This does a good job of explaining the black box I referred to. It’s not the only explanation, many others are possible – but it makes a good start.

It will not change things – it will only interest a few people – those that still read and write – and think.

This has been the function of History – to explain the past – which they also reject entirely. They are above that sort of thing. They are not interested in the real world – which is depressing, and shows them in a bad light. They have, at the same time – a very high opinion of themselves – and a very low opinion.

Which amounts to having no opinion at all.


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