The Lack of Thinking Crisis

We live in a time of many crises, and each of them has attracted a lot of attention. But it seems to me the most important one is not even acknowledged – the decline of the human species, as thinking beings. Without this ability, they cannot function very well.

They will disagree, and assert they can get along very well without thinking – that they are better off without it. They will not say this out loud, consciously – but keep it safely in their unconscious – where they can act on this belief whenever they please. They have abandoned their ability to think – and think they are better off without it – because it gets in the way of their all-important emotions.

Our most important skill, as civilized beings – was the ability to balance our thinking with our feelings, our emotions. A difficult balancing act, that we have never performed very well. But until recently, we never gave up on – because our survival was at stake.

Now, we are no longer interested in our survival. And seem to think we are so defective, the world would be better off without us.

I hope this situation shocks you – as it probably does. Now we have to ask “Where do we go from here?” Or, to put it differently “What can we do about this?” And there are no answers. I repeat – there are no answers – although fingers are pointed in many directions – each claiming to be an answer.

There is only one direction to point – right back at us – the last place on earth we want to look. We feel we have such overwhelming desires (the need to be accepted, for example) that they cannot possibly be met. They can be – if our society accepts them, and allows us to act on them.

Since this not not allowed, the only solution, we feel – is to destroy everything! And we have set about this, with a vengeance. As the Good Book says – Vengeance is mine saith the Lord – and we don’t mind acting for him.



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