Machine Learning


You don’t have to hang out in the Computer World very long – before some interesting stuff comes your way. It is looking for some receptive minds to lodge in. And my feeble 79 year old mind qualifies. Yours probably does too.

We live in a new era – post-Industrial, post-Capitalistic – post-Whatever.

This is threatening to many people – very threatening. But not to me – as far as I am concerned – anything would be better than the one we have now. That I am sick of.

I have been skeptical of Machine Learning – which scoops in lots of information, processes it, and them comes up with insights that didn’t exist before. But it is more – as this article explains.

This is also explained on this TED talk – which shows new computer techniques that are amazing  – but does not show how the human mind is still better at some tasks – such as producing these new techniques.


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