Money is More Important than Morality

“Yes,” people will say, “But so what?”

They have stated their position so well, I am speechless. And can only say “But there must be other values!” They will agree, and wait for me to state what they are. I can only say “Human values.” Knowing, that in their eyes – I have said nothing. For them, people do not exist – or are unimportant.

This is the motto I grew up with “People are not important!” Something that every fiber of my being rejects violently to. But they have no problem with.

Young women, the kind I grew up with – instinctively looked for young men that will be successful. At first, they are attracted to sports stars – but then realize they are looking for something more substantial – someone with earning power that will last – and be good providers for them and their children. Someone who has power.

Later, after experiencing what this life of power amounts to – they may have second thoughts about it – but by that time it is too late. They are successful (or not successful, or only a little successful) whether they want to be or not. The clock cannot be turned back.

This introduces the concept of Power – one of the strongest driving forces in the human psyche. The quality of any culture depends on how it relates to it – and how it uses it. Our global culture does not use it – but allows it to use them.

This is a crucial point that is carefully overlooked. How do we relate to Power in a Capitalistic society? A very big question.

I am reading Capitalism: A Short History – from which I am learning a lot. He takes an objective, detached view of the situation – more concerned with describing it – than with judging it. And admits candidly that it has produced some moral atrocities – such as slavery.

Which is still true – only the slaves are now wage-slaves. Which include attractive young women – available to the highest bidder. They are not selling their bodies – they are selling a way of life – as a look at the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog will show you. This only shows scantly-clan young women in the company of similarly-dressing young women – without a man in sight. Showing how they relate to men, would be too shocking – but everyone knows how that works – and they don’t have to be shown.

I can now restate my subject – Power is more important than People.

Stated this way, it is not so readily acceptable, in words – but the most cursory look at how people actually behave, will show that this is so.

They know how their bread is buttered – and they make sure they conform.


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