Using Experts to Manage the World

I am reading The Limousine Liberal – that makes a strong case for using people who have succeeded in business and government – to manage the country.

I quote:

So, for example, D. Douglas Dillon, member of the New York Stock Exchange, international banker, an Episcopalian Republican who served Eisenhower as undersecretary of state, whose father had founded the firm Dillon, Read, and Harriman, later became John Kennedy’s secretary of the treasury.

Dillon’s career was typical of this world’s inbred patrician calling to public service performed out of a sense of stoical duty and honor, infused from boyhood with a belief in their Christian obligation to use their great riches wisely on behalf of God and the nation. They were presumably, at least in their own minds, free of any tincture of self-seeking, either after wealth or personal political power.

They bore, too, a sense of entitlement that it was precisely their social training and their careers in the complex world of international political economy that prepared them to deal with the intricacies of global affairs too sophisticated and too dangerous to be left to the less knowledgeable, more mercurial democratic public to decide.

This immediately grates on the nerves of the common people – who think they know better – about anything. They have plenty of common sense – and don’t want to hear about any other kind. They will elect stupid people – because they are like them.

And they have proceeded to do just this.


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