People are not Interested in Learning – But Computers Are

This, to me – is shocking, but most people take it in their stride – as if it were nothing.

It is shocking – and should be seen as such. It gives a few people – who can make the Computer think for them – much more powerful.

This is obvious when Computers, connected on special networks used just by them, with advanced algorithms, trade on the Markets – much faster than people can. Skimming off the profits for themselves.

This is true anyplace where profits are to be made. But also where humans are to be influenced They can figure out how to influence them – and then do it, before they know what is going on!

And when people figure out that scam – Computers will figure out another to take its place.

Believe me – I have been there – and have been taken many times – by scams you would not believe!


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