People Want to be Used

Liberals always assume that “Man wants to be free!” They are obsessed with Freedom.

But world history since the middle of the 19th Century shows us plainly – that Men want to part of something bigger than them – that will use them for its own ends. They are not interested in building a world that would be good for them. The want to be used for something bigger instead. Something that, frankly – is not good for them at all.

This is clearly seen in the case of Religion. I came from a religious family who were Mormons – Missouri Mormons, not the Utah kind. Mormons of any kind, however all believe in Joseph Smith, the founder of their religion. Mormonism should be called JosephSmithism. The record here is clear – Smith was a scoundrel. And took advantage of – used – his followers for his own crazy purposes. They loved to be used this way, and would have followed him to the end of the earth, and given him everything they had – except he was killed by an angry mob.

The point behind this is that – we are deeply religious creatures – and not rational creatures, as we like to believe. And religion deeply permeates everything we do. Everything.

This observation is nothing new – it has been said many times – but in our time it has been forgotten. We now have a new religion, Business – and it is making the same demands of us – we have to give it everything – including, of course – ourselves.

For most people, this is not a problem – but exactly what they want – something bigger than them, they can devote themselves to. But for someone like me, who still believes in Freedom – it is very much a problem. A problem that cannot be solved – because it is a conflict between incompatible cultures – that do not want to understand each other.

In our time, the beginning of the 21st Century – there is a strong movement of people who want to make Business more humane – better for society – in University Business Schools, no less. They know if Business does not get better – it is doomed. And the whole culture it is embedded in – is doomed.

But there is an equally strong movement, inside Business itself – that has no intention of changing, but just the opposite – making its position stronger – building stronger walls to keep out the intruders. Its favorite weapons are trade agreements – where the rich and powerful in different countries – agree on policies that enhance their power, and reduce competition from those who want to replace them – with techniques that are more efficient.

The Human Race has reached a crisis of unmitigated dimensions. It will have to decide how to manage the Machine – especially the Computer – the ultimate machine. Will they manage it – or will it manage them? The answer, if it comes – will not come from the Mass of People – who know nothing.

It will have to come from new leaders – who, so far – are not apparent.


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