The Reversal of Human Values

This, so far as I know – is the Mother of Ideas – at least ideas about people – which I stubbornly believe to be important.

It’s an important idea because it explains so much about human behavior. It explains, very easily, why the world is in such bad shape.

It explains why people who have everything – money, power, success – actually have very little. Because their values are all wrong. They have been working, very hard – for the wrong things. And there is no way they will change. Because their values determine who they are.

“Is there no exit, no way out?” You may ask – as people have been asking ever since WWII. The answer has always been “No way out!”

This has make thinking people stop to think. And conclude that we must have gone wrong somewhere. But thinking people are a small minority – who can watch is everyone else runs straight over a cliff – and falls to their doom.

I can repeat the same question, that has obsessed me all my life “How did we go wrong?” Or “What happened?”

There are many answers to this question – many of them valid answers. I just downloaded Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss. It is about Detroit – the symbol of Industrial America – that quickly became nothing. The same thing happened in Ft. Madison, Iowa – where I was born in 1936. It is now part of America’s Rust Belt – where no one goes. And where the people who are left know nothing.

But their are bright spots in this wilderness – much like the wilderness the Old Testament prophets described so vividly. This was Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization – where the enslaved Hebrews where forced to serve. They didn’t think much of it – but their views were extremely biased.

In the same way, I can complain about my world – that has treated me badly – and safely predict its downfall.

And I can see what is rising from its ashes – even before they are cold. The world has moved to Software – which I can barely understand – but is clearly where it is at.

This will not save most people, for whom there will be few jobs – but the lucky ones, who can understand Software – will do very well.


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