To Know is To Be

And conversely – to Not Know is to Not Be.

And the majority of the world’s population are like this – not knowing and not being. And fully intending to remain that way. If that means the world is going to hell – to their minds, this not a problem. And the faster it goes there, the better.

I hardly need tell you that this is not a desirable situation. It could not be more wrong – but no one can see anything wrong. Because they cannot see anything.

Is there any way out?

Maybe – and from an unexpected source – Machine Learning – a software technology that is fast taking over. It won’t change most people, but it is changing the ones that matter – the ones that control the Business world – or what used to be called Capitalism.

They are being forced to take more people into their decision-making processes. Especially the users of their products or services.

This is Democracy in new clothing. A new form that might actually work.


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