There is a Global Economy, but There is no Global Community

And no one seems to want one. That would be too much, people might say. Too much togetherness. Much better to stay apart – with no responsibility for each other – or for the world itself.

To take this further – they might say “What world?” And I will say “The human world!” “Oh that.” they will reply “Whoever dreamed that up? There is no human world – only a strange assortment of states and failed states – that cannot possibly work together – because they have nothing in common!”

If I say “But we are all human.” They will reply “Absolutely not! We are as different as we can be – and always have been.” And they have a point.

Allow me to revert to my reference to the global economy. Is this real – is it a useful idea? The answer has to be – kind of. It’s kind of real, and kind of useful.

I am reading Capitalism: A Short History – that tries to answer this question. It’s interesting reading. I haven’t reached the end – but I know it comes to much the same conclusion – Capitalism is being fundamentally redefined. And and in its new form – it may, or may not, work. Odds are that it won’t.

The human material can only stretch so far – and we have exceeded our limit.


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