On Becoming Nothing

The more I think about this – the more amazed I become. What a clever innovation! And innovation is the right word – invention belongs to the pre-computer world.

Which brings up another subject – the astonishing impact of the Computer – that has changed everything. Without being noticed by anyone. People who are not, cannot notice anything – but think they know everything.

What is there to know? All you have to do is park yourself in front of a TV, to see everything. Information can be consumed – like anything else. Any kind of information – and the more trivial, the better.

At this point, I have to discipline myself carefully – and remind myself that negative being is still being. And is the result of the same determination – to make an impact on the world – no matter what!

Destroying the world is making an impact on it – a very direct impact. And doesn’t require much intelligence. Trump is a perfect example of this – with his many followers.

It’s the equivalent of  The Bomb on human thought – pure emotion!


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