To Accept or To Not Accept

This is a variation of the general problem -“To be, or not to be!” And in our time, the decision has been to not be.

The parallel decision to accept or not accept can be taken in many ways – but the most important way is – “Do we want to accept ourselves or not?” This applies to our self, as individuals – and as groups of any size whatever.

We can  try to get out of it by not thinking about it – but our unconscious will make it for us anyway.  Our individual unconscious or our group unconscious. It’s a decision that has to be made – one way or the other. And in our time, we have decided not to.

I keep saying in our time – what do I mean by that? I mean right now – and not one second before it or after it.  No other time exists. We live entirely in the present – and no other time. What we were yesterday, or tomorrow – does not matter.

Why is this? Because we think we are in complete control of the present – all we have to do is live it. No one else can live it for us. But in this, we are sadly mistaken – many people are living it with us – and deciding how we will be also.

Our TV does not just play for us – but for everyone, everywhere.

Note the contemporary usage of the word play – a degenerate usage. Playing is now passive – something that something else does for us – most likely, a smartphone. What we are is out there – not in here.

We have become extended (to use McLuhan’s term) and are now spread all over the world – rather thinly.


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