The Rejection of Reality

I have a list of things that have gone wrong with us – and this is near the top of the list. Somehow people have decided they could build a better world than the real world – and have proceeded to live in that. Without realizing that they had switched.

They didn’t try to define their new world – that was not necessary, since everyone had a different one – a multiplicity of worlds, in fact. But they overlooked this – and continued to believe that their world was the real world – the only one.

This gave plenty of room for violent extremists –  who could assert their reality was the right one.

They were all insane.

And they were destructive – they could not have been more destructive – they had destroyed Reality, and felt no allegiance to it. They could exploit it as they pleased.

This felt right to them – because everyone else felt the same way. They couldn’t believe that everyone could be wrong – but indeed that was the case. Everyone was wrong.

For how this happened, I refer you to The Age of the Crisis of Man – that has an excellent analysis of this – written for intellectuals. Who did have a pretty good idea of what was going on – but who were ignored by everyone else.

He overlooks the effect of Television – that was quickly followed by the Computer. This combination laid waste to the human psyche – and even the human economy. People now live in the ruins of their past – and have no awareness of this.


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