Trapped by the Web

The Web I am referring to is the World Wide Web (the www that most Internet addresses begin with). People love it, because it promises them everything.

This is not a new promise, it has been made by every technology in the Industrial Revolution – which also promised us everything.  And seemed to deliver for a couple hundred years – and made some countries affluent. And everyone else envious.

They wonder “Why can’t we have this?” Not realizing that they would have to go through the same fundamental changes the rich countries did. Changes in their religious attitudes – the most basic of changes.

This began with the Reformation, which caused terrible religious wars – the worst in history, that threatened to ruin Europe. Which was saved by the rise of Science and Capitalism. These two are strange bedfellows, and have never been comfortable with each other – but they coexist to this day.

Underlying these religious changes was something equally important – the discovery of Objective Reality – which allowed these countries to plan ahead, and to be efficient in expending their resources.

Living in Latin America, I can see the results of these deficiencies frequently. It will never catch up economically, because it is too far behind culturally.


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