Has My Life Been of Any Use to Anyone Else?

This may seem an egotistical question – for which there is an easy answer “None at all!”

I accept that answer.

At least it is honest, and tells me what people really believe. But it is not the final answer – because it leaves out the worth of my life for me. And the lessons it might have for others – if they paid any attention to it. Which they do not.

People are now determined to notice nothing.

I can think of many reasons why this is so – but they do not matter – all we have to do is realize that this, indeed, is so.

I have plenty of company here. Before eating breakfast I looked at In the Depths of the Digital Age – which reviews six books on the subject – each time coming back to Virginia Woolf’s comments, nearly a century ago.

I can save you the trouble of reading it – by noting that the Digital Age has no depth. As anyone can plainly see for themselves. It is all “Sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The ultimate embodiment of this is the Computer – as embodied itself in the Smartphone. And extremely clever device that has passed itself off – as a person – and an intelligent one, at that. And once again – people have not noticed!

To notice would have been to commit treason – to the highly developed world, of which they were an integral part.

I can commit treason – because few pay attention to me.


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