Noticing Nothing

This follows up on my last posting Has My Life Been of Any Use to Anyone Else?

In that I said:

People are now determined to notice nothing.

This was an earth-shaking statement (it seemed to me) but the earth did not shake. In fact, nothing happened at all. Why?

Because people can to decide what they want to believe. Any input that creates conclusions they do not agree with – is ignored. This is high-level filtering that can only be performed by the human brain. And it happens in milliseconds – unconsciously.

Let me rephrase that: they don’t want to notice – that they don’t want to notice.

The Age of the Crisis of Man – goes into this beautifully in its section on Technics. But this never makes it through our collective filters. We are filter-feeders in reverse – we filter out the information we do not want.


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