In a World that Wants to Use You for Evil Purposes

What can you do?

You make it impossible for them to use you. By using the simplest, most effective strategy possible – you cease to exist yourself!

This may sound like a crazy solution, and it is – but it works! And is the solution used by most of the world’s people.

Who all have the same problem – they live in an evil world – that exploits all its resources – including the people in it.

At one time, this wasn’t so bad – in the affluent world, people had plenty of goodies. The only problem they had was fending off all the poor people in the world – who were desperate to join them.

But the good times were over – the rich got richer, and everyone else got poorer. This was not right, but there was nothing they could do about that. Except use the strategy just described. That puts them back in control!

If this brings down the whole house of cards – no problem.

Let it fall – and then start over!


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