The Computer’s Effect on Human Rights

Human Rights were an important part of the Enlightenment. And we still like to think of ourselves as enlightened. But the 19th Century was dominated by Industrialization – which was hardly enlightened. And resulted in the atrocities of the first half of the 20th.

I was born then (in 1936) and I can testify that is was a very bad time. But also a time when no one noticed this. Reading some family history, I can see that my relatives back then had no idea what was going on – and didn’t want to know. It was that bad – and that profitable.

We now live in the Computer Age – where once again, no one knows what is going on. Our minds were left in the past (shaped by the Enlightenment) – while our bodies were taken over by TV and the Computer (which many people perceive as the same thing). I am serious about this – we had moved outside of ourselves – into the outer-space of TV and the Internet.

For practical purposes – we have no minds, don’t want any, and don’t need any – because our smartphones (that are intimately connected to the Internet) can do our thinking for us. Much better than we can – because they have much more information to work from.

It makes no sense to talk of Human Rights any longer.


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