Software Power

This is something new, and only people who understand it will succeed in tomorrow’s world.

I worked for the Computer Industry for 20 years, and none of those companies understood this – and all of them have disappeared. They were holdovers from the Industrial World who didn’t know what they were doing.

They operated from Greed – find something that was valuable, and milk it for all it was worth. At one time, several hundred years ago – this worked. Find things that were cheap in one place, transport it to another – and pocket the difference! Or buy a basic commodity (cotton, for example) manufacture cloth from it – and then sell it on the global market.

The same thing worked for cars – as Henry Ford knew. But no longer – Detroit is now a ghost town. Along with much of the Industrial Midwest – that is now the Rust Belt.

Software doesn’t work that way – you have to make it better, and then benefit from these improvements – along with everyone else. Making Money is a background consideration – not the foreground one.

This last point is an important one – and one most people cannot comprehend. It sounds too altruistic for them to believe. Being good to people is the right way to run a business? No way!

Many Business schools in America (including MIT and Stanford) are desperately trying to improve Business – to make it more people-friendly. They can see, unless this happens it is doomed.

But the vast majority of people (the 99 percent) cannot see this – and would even would relish its destruction. If it is bad for them – they will be bad for it!¬†Without giving any thought to what “it” is. They know it exists, that is is bad – and they can destroy it.

This is behind the latest political trends – the urge to destroy! Which is cleverly disguised as its opposite – to make everything better again – like it once was, in an imaginary past.


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