Overdeveloped America

Americans know they are overdeveloped – but they do not know what a serious problem this is. To put it bluntly – it has made them stupid, and unable to understand themselves or their world.

This is because of another big factor – they have been overwhelmed by progress. Here again, they will probably agree – without understanding what they are agreeing to. They like to be agreeable.

I must again redefine what I am referring to – technical progress – as influenced by the Machine. Americans have become like machines – which has given them tremendous advantages and disadvantages. It has made them rich economically, but poor emotionally.

Take, for example, the Calendar. I just looked up my schedule for today on Google Calendar. Something no member of a underdeveloped country would ever do. In America, every office has a Calendar displayed on the wall – with the events for each day carefully noted. In Latin America, where I now live, most offices have no Calendar at all. And, as a result – cannot plan ahead.

They have no idea of objective time – and still rely on subjective time – which is derived from their immediate social surroundings. They are not efficient, and have no idea what this is. They still live in a world where people are most important – and not things.

Which allows us to define what a machine is – it is not alive – and is hostile to life. It is composed of moving parts – which even the latest machine, the Computer, has. In the case of the Computer, these parts are governed by rules – called algorithms. These rules are interrelated in complex ways that make each device functionally whole.

The smartphone, the latest model, makes its users superhuman. Something they like very much – not realizing that it also makes them subhuman. The two, in combination, amount to the same thing – an overdeveloped society.


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