Google Explains Itself

The Conversational Economy

Software has to explain itself – in great detail, and over and over. I know of no other social movement in history that has been this way – except perhaps the Enlightenment.

The Computer World is a new world that makes everything before it obsolete. Most of the people in the world are now unnecessary – because today’s economy (the Computer Economy) doesn’t need their skills anymore.

What skills does it need? Here again, the Software world is more than willing, to tell anyone who will listen. Or perhaps I should say who can listen – because most people cannot understand what they are saying.

Read this article for yourself – and see if you can understand it.

I have read it for the second time – and I still feel overwhelmed – it contains so much information – and this is just Part 1 of 4. People should be eagerly consuming it – but it gives them indigestion instead.

The future is here – but they cannot understand it.


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