I Was Never a Company Man

I did not fit in at all – because everyone else was as company compatible as they could be.

There were a lot that did not fit in too well, but didn’t know this, and this was causing them lots of problems – emotionally and physically. Depression, for example, was common.

How could you feel good in such an awful world? By not feeling at all – by being a machine instead – that did not think or feel for itself. Note that combination – thinking and feeling – the two most fundamental of human activities.

I had a lot of therapists in Silicon Valley when I worked there in the Nineties. The place was full of them – every type you can imagine. But none of them were critical of the Valley – that was something you did not do. For me, this was something I had to do – to survive as a person.

Everyone else considered the company to be an unavoidable fact of life – not a nice fact perhaps – but one you could not fight – and one you had to idealize.

This is clearly the attitude in a religion – you had to believe, or suffer the consequences, perhaps sometimes – to burn at the stake.


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