The Only Animal that is Insane

I do not say “The only animal that can be insane,” but “The only animal that is insane,” in one way or another – much of the time.

The only exception is the dog – that easily acquires the behavior of its master. That is why we love them so much – they are reflections of ourselves.

We should treasure this knowledge about ourselves – how mentally unstable we are – but we do not. We insist on just the opposite – that we are completely sane – even while we are the most insane. And not only that – we enjoy being insane more then being sane.

And this situation seems to be getting worse as we become more technically advanced – and learn new ways of manipulating each other.

These new ways include Television and the Computer. Which many people think are the same thing – since they use the same display technology – the magic screen that entrances people instantly. It sings, it dances, and it even responds when you touch it!

It is the perfect servant that gives you anything you want. And we do not want to know what is behind that screen – cleverly pulling all our wires. We are determined to be helpless – it so much more fun!

This is mass insanity.


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