Fear of Thinking

I am a survivor of the the greatest catastrophe in human history. That no one recognizes.

Perhaps I have overstated that, it should be – that few recognize. But overstatement or not – I have a right to be heard. And writing in a blog is the perfect way of doing this.

In my working lifetime, we ran straight into brick wall – picked up the pieces – and are moving on. Where we are going to, we do not know – perhaps Heaven and Hell at the same time.

I can remember when we hit the wall – in the Fifties. It was a good time to be alive – I worked my way through college, as many did – and emerged an Electronic Engineer. Right into the Cold War.

The impact of this has never been fully realized. We went into that War the strongest nation in history – and left it badly weakened. And have never recovered.

The most serious weakening was in our ability to think – which practically disappeared. We became afraid to think – because thinking would show us too much – about the way things were. We practically disappeared – crawled under a rock, and stayed there. Things were so bad – we didn’t want to know about them.

Which only made them worse.

Then something amazing happened – the Computer! I was part of its discovery – and believe me, it was a rough ride! The Computer Industry was the same as any other industry – bad news, all the way. It took this wonderful new discovery – and wrecked it. I saw this happening with horror and fascination – but almost no one else did.

I retreated to Costa Rica and waited until the dust settled – which it is beginning to do. I can see something new rising from the ashes – Open Software. Fueled by people who want to make it better. This is the direct opposite from its predecessor – that wanted to make it worse.

Will this be a panacea, to make all our hopes come true? Absolutely not! It will only make a small part of the world better – and a few people rich. The rest, most of the world’s population – will be worse off.


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