Too Much Happened

I am still writing about my favorite subject – What went wrong?

The most common response is simple – Don’t think about it! And the problem goes away. Except of course, it doesn’t go away.

The response them is to minimize it – There are always lots of problems, but nothing so big we cannot solve them, fairly easily. Someone is working on them, and has them under control. It’s not something you and I have to worry about.

Or they my go to the opposite extreme – the problems are too much for them to even think about. So they don’t think about them. Which, they know – is the proper response.

All these responses amount to the same thing – Don’t think about it!

Which gets to the heart of the problem – people are no longer able to think. They know if they do – they will be squashed like a bug!

I know, I was there, and I had to get out.

And from a safe distance (in Costa Rica) I can see that some people back there can think – without being squashed. You just have to be careful how, and where, you do it.

I was trying to work inside the companies I worked for – and do great work, expecting to be rewarded for it. This did not work. I had neglected, right from the start – to do what was good for me. I was told, over and over – Do what they want, and you will be blessed.

Which was partly true – I had a secure career, what young women wanted desperately – a provider for them and their children! If Daddy was stupid and a bore – that could be easily overlooked – as long as he had the money to go with it.

Except for one thing – the whole house of cards came crashing down. Not thinking created a vacuum that imploded.


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