Making People Smarter

There has been a strong effort to make people stupid – and more manageable.

No one will admit to this – but it is not hard to see it happening, everywhere on the Web. Which is supposed to make people better – after all, it gives them more of everything! And that is a big part of the problem – too much of everything!

We are stone-age people, transported to another world – that is concentrated on making us serve it. And it is succeeding admirably.

This is where we should start – by admiring how clever it has been. As if a giant hand were guiding its efforts. The hand of God – in its latest incarnation.

Nietzsche was wrong – God is not dead, he is more powerful than ever. And we need to recognize this brutal fact – the same fact that drove him crazy. Smart as he was, he could not keep up with the times – that were moving too fast for him.

It is now up to us to finish the job – that, believe it or not – is not too difficult. We just have to call its name, to entice it out of its lair, where it was well-protected.

Christian theology has given us the concept of incarnation – God in the body of a man. All we have to do is update it – God in the body of a Computer – which includes its Internet and Wireless networks. And the Cloud, which is not hard to equate with God himself (or herself).

It is not hard to understand the Cloud – after all, I can understand it. But that is not necessary – all we have to know is that it exists, and it can be relied on – which we cannot say for many people.

Will this solve our problems? No, it will only give us a new world to work in – the Computer world. We will still have to use our smarts there (what we have left of them).

I wish I could tell you how this new world has made us better off. But I have to be honest – it is only making some people better off. The rest (the 99 percent) have been too badly damaged to adapt.

And they are raising bloody murder.


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