The Power That Made Us Superhuman

I have my own conspiracy theory – but it includes things as well as people. I believe things have their own minds. And they have included people in their plans.

This is entirely different from our usual view of tool-using man – who picked up a rock and shaped it to his purposes. Or took clay and made bricks out of it – and also used it to write on. The focus here is on man using things – but in retrospect we can see that things were also using man.

Although this did not become apparent until much later – in our time, in fact – when we invented something that clearly has its own mind – the Computer.

And now we have invented it, our own version of Frankenstein – it is beginning to dawn on us that we need to give this business some careful thought. What is going on here?

What is going on has been going on for tens of thousand of years – after we invented our own language – and could think – although not always very well.

To put this another way – matter (in our brains) had reorganized itself – to be able to think. Matter was using us for its own purposes. When it got our central nervous system – it got the rest of us as well – whether it wanted it or not. It had to take us as a complete package.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, people became determined to not think.  Too much was going on – and they wanted out of it. As the song said back in the Sixties “Stop the world, I want to get off!”

Two things happened at the same time – we discovered new powers (new global ways of organizing ourselves, thanks to the Computer) that made us superhuman – and we lost our ability to think – that made us subhuman.

The two went together – and now we have to separate them. What we will end up with (hopefully) is a new kind of being – where the machine and the animal are integrated.


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