Global Powerlessness

We have been overwhelmed by mysterious forces we cannot understand. Or perhaps – forces that do not want to be understood. And have the ability to enforce this lack of understanding. They have all the power and they want to keep it that way.

To summarize, two things are important here – understanding and power. And most people have neither. And, strangely enough, don’t want them. They have something more important to them – their illusions – which give them everything they could possibly want.

And they have no desire to distinguish between their illusions and reality. In fact, for them, reality does not exist! That is something someone else has made up.

We are getting into some deep water here, when we talk of reality – and most people deal with it by saying (very firmly) “I don’t want to think about it!” Or change the subject.

Since you are still with me, I assume you want to think some more about this. A fine attitude that I commend you for.

To continue, I must introduce another concept – responsibility. People have not only abandoned reality, but responsibility also. They do not want to beĀ responsible for anything, anywhere – that would involve them too much in the world, they want to avoid.

My religious background will come on handy here. My family were Missouri Mormons (RLDS) not the Utah variety (LDS). And we were taught “Be in the world – but not of it!” We could not help being in the world, since that is where we were born – but we could very well distance ourselves from it – by avoiding worldly activities – specifically sexual ones.

This was impossible – but that didn’t matter – we could accomplish the impossible easily. At least in our own minds – the only place that mattered.

And here is the tricky part – our minds were everywhere! We had become demigods.

Before you scoff at this, consider the facts – we now live in a world connected everywhere by the Computer and its networks. And by Television, and its networks. We are connected intimately.

Note that special phrase – we are connected intimately. By our collective unconscious – and our networks (which amount to the same thing). This could have made us wiser (and more communal) but have made us stupid (and culturally paranoid) instead.

And with a fragile economy.


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