People Have Pulled a Disappearing Act

The reason for this is simple – in a world that does not want them, they have decided to opt out. This is fair enough – if the world does not want them, they do not want the world.

There is only one catch – by getting out of the  world, they have gotten out of themselves. And have no way of getting back in again. People are always part of their world, and cannot be separated from it. They will both go down together.

Is there a way out? Yes, and it is simple – even inevitable. Even if a lot of people will disappear in the process.

The people who have gotten out will have to stay out – they were products of a previous world that is disappearing – and they will have to disappear with it. This is most of the world’s present population – the 99 percent – who are as obsolete as the dinosaurs.

But they will not go quietly into the night – and will do their best to stay alive – and get their share of world’s goodies – the lion’s share – which they think is due them. But this will not save them, because the world’s economy (the new economy) will deny them the money they desperately need.

Like many species (and sub-species) before them – they will cease to survive.


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