What Silicon Valley is Really Like

Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble

I’m back pushing this book again, because it is this good. You have to be intelligent to appreciate it – but only a little intelligent.

Most of the people in the Valley will not appreciate it, because they have been brain-washed by spending too much time there. It doesn’t take long – one year will be plenty. The atmosphere soaks into your pores, without you noticing it – and you become as stupid as they are, and in the same way.

I was in the Valley during the dot-com boom in the Nineties – and barely survived its subsequent bust – by moving to Costa Rica. Where it took me ten years to collect my thoughts, and realize what had happened to me.

This book is about the boom that came next. The Valley has become used to boom-and-bust cycles – and it looks forward expectantly for the next one. It never occurs to them that the Valley may run out of the firewood that fuels these cycles. They think they will go on forever – the whole world is waiting to be set on fire. And they have the matches that can do it.

I recommend you begin the book with the chapter 13 – the Ron Burgundy of Tech. It was too advanced for me – I had to look up Ron Burgundy in Wikipedia – but that quickly set me straight.

I knew a guy when I was in the Valley, who did inside sales – the lowest kind of salesmanship. Leads get passed to them, and they do their best to make a sale, over the phone – doing anything they can think of – including, of course, making plenty of lies. They will promise anything, because after the sale has been made, and they have collected their commision – they never hear of it again.

How the product works is of no interest to them – they are only in it for the fast buck. I’m sure he now supports Trump all the way.

He was just the kind of guy in the audience described by this chapter. Getting older, stupider, and more desperate all the time.


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