The Totalitarianism of the Global Networks

I continue to read and read and read. In contrast to most people who watch and watch. They want to see something wore interesting than rows of text. And our global networks – the TV networks, and the Computer networks – are more than willing to oblige them. Because that way they can control them completely.

They don’t call this situation Totalitarianism – but that is what it amounts to. The expert on Totalitarianism is Hannah Arendt – who knew what she was talking about because she had experienced the Nazi tyranny herself.  In fact, she had slept with it – in the form of Martin Heidegger, a Nazi all his life – but we won’t go into that.

In the U.S., she became intimately involved with it again  – her adopted country had used Fascist methods in WWII, in order to win the war. And had never given them up.

In Arendt’s writings on Totalitarianism she describes what would happen later – in the dominance of Television and the Computer. Her book The Origins of Totalitarianism could have been called

The Origins of Why Modern Men Would Want to Change Human Nature, and How the Worst of Them Have Tried, with Hints on What to Do Now.

Greif, Mark. The Age of the Crisis of Man: Thought and Fiction in America, 1933-1973 (p. 91). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

Totalitarianism happened because the technologies to do this – the Radio and the Movies – let those in power (the worst kind of people) take over.

This produced the living dead. That anyone can easily observe for themselves – but which they cannot understand, or cope with – because their reasoning powers have been destroyed.

They have reached a dead end they cannot escape from.


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