We Have Destroyed Ourselves

Because destructiveness is now fashionable.

People have always done whatever is fashionable – this is one of the basics of human nature. We should be acutely aware of this – of the fashions we have followed in the past, and the fashions we are following now.

But the most important fashion of our times, destructiveness, is not something we are willing to consider. It is all around us, but if we try to talk about it – we become undesirable in a number of ways, depending on the people we are talking to.

Destructive and construction behavior – or moral and immoral behavior – and many more that could be mentioned – are logical opposites, but in our minds they are often blended and confused. Opposites seem identical.

The realities we have in our minds do not match those in the real world. The worst problem imaginable, and one that gets us into all kinds of trouble.

I’m sure I’m not the first to recognize this problem – but I am also sure that not many people recognize it. Now that I have recognized it – in myself and others – I want to spread the gospel message. But I am getting the usual treatment – dead silence.

I have a technical background – and people like me have this problem. They cannot understand moral problems. In their world, these do not exist. And for that matter – in the world of business – which has concentrated on making money, irregardless of its consequences. I am not saying anything new here – it is being said, over and over – in the business schools of America.

But the vast majority of people everywhere – are completely ignorant of it – and are not likely to learn about it from their Media – which is designed to keep them ignorant. Right when they need to be smart, because they have some important questions to think about – they are stupid.


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