The Computer is a Fatal Attraction

People are attracted to things that they cannot resist, even though they are not good for them. These things include ideologies and religions – that people are eager to devote their lives to, even as they ruin them. They are addictions, as are drugs – such as alcohol and tobacco – and new ones get invented all the time.

TV and the Computer affect us the same way – they are not good for us, but we cannot resist them. And the same thing could be said of any of our technologies, beginning with Agriculture. They always end up using us – and we have never noticed the difference. We are set up, in the eternal scheme of things – to be patsies. Things can easily use us for their advantage.

This is what the Industrial Revolution amounted to – we became addicted to our machines, and their organizations – such as factories and railroads. While being completely unaware of this – they had taken over our awareness.

This point is crucial – they take over our awareness – what we see and feel. We see what they want us to see – whether it is real, or not.

They always give us initial advantages – they promise to make our lives better. And we never notice when they do not. By that time, we are hooked – and cannot back up.

I have lumped Television and the Computer together – even though they are entirely different technologies. For most people, they are the same thing – and have the same effects on them – they make their users idiots. The most idiotic people ever, in the history of mankind.

But they think they are the smartest people ever – look at all the smart things the Computer has done for them – Artificial Intelligence, for example. That can search immense amounts of data for useful information – so they can use it!

Sound great, doesn’t it? But all we have to do is take a good look at the people who are enriched by this – to seen they are actually impoverished by it – intellectually and emotionally.

They don’t have to be this way – I enjoy all the advantages the Computer gives me – blogging and reading Kindle books. But they do neither – they do not write or read – but look at YouTube videos instead.

They do not want to learn – but only to be entertained.


One thought on “The Computer is a Fatal Attraction

  1. Na, mediums don’t matter. Most books and blogs are garbage. Stupid people can’t handle anything you put infront of them. Course, the more complex the distraction, more apt they are to become overwhelmed.

    I basically drown myself in all media, I still have a personal philosophy and more code that easily surpasses most people. Just comes down to the person, not the influence.

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