Being Good has Become Too Difficult

So we have become bad – which is much easier. This decision was made unconsciously – and some of our best minds are not aware of it.

My mind is feeble and uncertain – but it is certain of this. And I must explain what I mean.

I cannot say everyone is bad – this is obviously not the case. But I can say they are comfortable coexisting with the bad – and that they don’t have much choice in the matter. Forces larger than them are forcing their hands.

If they want to stay alive, they have to be bad. And they have to be completely unaware of this. The analogy with a puppet-show is obvious – and we have to ask ourselves “What is pulling our strings?”

It would be helpful to use a wider perspective here – and phrase the question differently “How is the overall situation working? Or not working.”

We cannot give a definitive answer to this question, it is far too complicated for that – but we can give an intuitive response, and indeed, we have to. “How do we feel about what is going on?”

The answer will be revealing – people will say “Everything is fine!” They say this to each other all the time, just to keep their courage up – when they know perfectly well – they are doomed. And they are determined to take everything else down with them.

We have a chain of events here – each of which is not too bad, but the overall result is very bad. And people can say, honestly – that they are not responsible for any of them. Something else is responsible – even though they do not know what that something is. They know perfectly well that it is there, somewhere – and it is running the show.

And they are right. Something else is always running the show, and always has been. But recently, in the last five hundred years or so – it has gotten out of hand, and become destructive.

I can say this, sitting in my pajamas, in front of my computer, that is connected to the Internet. No lightening bolt has stricken me down – and no one is listening to me either.

Life goes on, as before.


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