Coping with Murderous Hatred

I have never been able to do this, I have been a complete failure at it – but I have managed to remain aware of it. And I consider that a major accomplishment.

Hatred is a fundamental fact of life in our time – hatred of people – which, of course includes us. How on earth can people do this? By turning themselves into something else, that is not human.

This process took hundreds of years, but it did happen. And we should be aware of it.

But we are not – we would rather die than know about it. Which means for many purposes we are dead – and rather like being this way. We have gotten even with those who wanted to get rid of us. Not realizing that we have done their dirty work for them – by getting rid of ourselves.

Thinking about this process will seem strange – even dangerous – but it has to be done. Our survival is at stake.

I could go into a long explanation of how, why, and when this happened – as many other people have. But the important thing to do is pay careful attention to our gut feelings – and stay with them. How do we feel about what is going on? How do we feel about the people around us?

You will probably be scared – scared to death. You will be killed for having such treasonous thoughts – you will think.

However, you may not be worried about being killed – but about something worse – becoming unemployable. Without that paycheck, you think, you will be dead. Or at the very least – a miserable outsider. You will be ostracized – not fit for human society.

This is a very real possibility. And it deserves some careful thought. And some careful action. If we do such a thing, what will happen to us?

We know the answer – we will get our butt kicked. The only question will be – how hard, and in what way? Will we survive?

We have to try this for ourselves – carefully, a little at a time.

We will need help in doing this – and such help may be hard to find. When I was in Silicon Valley in the Nineties – I looked desperately for such help – for a therapist, of which there was an endless supply, since there is a huge demand for them. But I didn’t get much help. They all assumed The Valley was all-powerful, and people were powerless by comparison. Perhaps I am not being fair here – but it seemed that way to me at the time.

If I were to do it again, I would start differently – by noting, to myself, that The Valley was Evil. Not all-powerful, but definitely evil. And I would have to be very careful in dealing with it.

In fact, this awareness should have begun much earlier – when I was in High School. I should have concentrated on helping myself – instead of helping them. I became an engineer – although I had no interest in engineering. That did not matter – I had shown I could subordinate my needs to their needs – and I made lots of money – while being completely miserable.

No one cared about that – I was there to serve them, and to do my job.


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