We Are What We Think

And some of the things we think are pretty weird.

There are many ways I could go from here. I might compare myself to the tiny ants on my computer screen. They are clearly a successful species – if you consider the number of them. And will be here long after we are gone. But can they think?

No, for the simple reason that they don’t need to. And the same could be said for most of our species, at the present time – they don’t think, because they don’t need to. They have devised other ways of surviving – and their numbers are increasing exponentially.

If someone says to them “This situation cannot go on much longer!” There will be no response, because this asks them to think – which they cannot do, and do not want to do.

If they thought, they would have to change (perhaps to make themselves better) – something they cannot imagine, and which they dread. Their situation now is perfect, they know – and any change, for whatever reason – would be for the worse.

We have to take this belief seriously – even if they don’t. We have to second-guess what they are thinking – unconsciously. Very clever of them!

What they are thinking, clearly enough – is that they are perfect! Something that to their minds, is completely logical. But is clearly insane.

They are caught in a trap they cannot escape from.


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