Being Nothing is Not Being Good

We live in a bad world – and we should recognize that – and say so, right out. Instead, we cop out – say nothing and do nothing. And tell ourselves we are good – because we are not bad ourselves.

We have become nobodies – and think this is a big improvement over being somebody – someone who can be kicked around by the world. We have decided to leave that game – by getting out of it entirely.

It took some time for us to arrive at this decision. Which was something new in the world – in response a to new overwhelming forces – mass entertainment.  The Movies, TV and the Computer.

All of a sudden, huge new forces were looking directly at us – and making sure we behaved as they wanted. Doing what we wanted – was out of the question.

And we all say, with a united voice “Nothing bad is going on!” If something bad was going on, we would be obliged to do something about it.

And the world goes straight to Hell – by the shortest possible route.


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