What is Running the Show?

This is another of my postings about the same question “What the hell is going on here?” Where here refers mainly to American popular culture – its most important product. America leads the world with it own brand of dysfunctionality.

It seems to be saying to rest of the world “See how messed up we are? See if you can do better.” The rest of the world is trying, but it cannot match the American example for chutzpah.

Americans do have one accomplishment they can be proud of – the Computer. Which they do not understand in the least – but let it lead them around by the nose.

In fact, this would be a good place to start – looking at the effects of the Computer on people. Which can be summarized easily – it has turned them into idiots. Our smartest machine (and the computer is a machine) has made us stupid!

Maybe it would be a good idea to back up and look at the effects of the Machine in general. The historian Daniel J. Boorstin has done this in his book The Image. Where he examines the influence of Electricity (in the Telegraph) and Photography.

They knocked us flat, and we have never have recovered from their introduction in the middle of the 19th Century. And we proceeded to wreck our world in WWI, the Depression, and WWII.

Then we invented the Movies, that we enjoyed immensely. All we could say then was “Give us more!” In other worlds “Make us even more stupid.”

In all this we have not stopped to ask ourselves “What is going on here?” But rushed on as though the Devil were after us – which no doubt He was.

We have the perfect excuse – the Devil made us do it! Where the Devil can be almost anything.


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