The Crisis of Man

I have been reading The Age of the Crisis of Man – where the author has shown me that he knows practically everything, and practically nothing at the same time. He is right – we do live in a crisis, a crisis concerning us, but he has no idea what that crisis amounts to.

The problem, as I see it, is simple – we have lost interest in us – the unusual animal who can think and feel – and have become obsessed with our machines – and our amazing systems of machines. We no longer like people – or like being people. And do not realize this at all.

Any historian can tell us that this is a common occurrence in history – empires come and go, the last one being the Roman Empire. And the people involved in these empires had no awareness of it either. An empire is a large-scale process – but people can only think in terms of much smaller processes. We can easily bite off more than we can chew.

And when the whole edifice starts to collapse – they have no idea how to fix it – and don’t even know it is collapsing.

Right now, we are living in such a collapse. Only this time is different. We have been taken over by TV and the Computer. New kinds of machines we cannot cope with. Which have eliminated us, as humans.

“This is not quite true,” you may say, “They have only eliminated most of us, perhaps 99 percent!”

Granted, but where does this leave us – in a world ruled by forces we cannot understand – and don’t want to understand! Maybe one percent, or so – can understand it, or a little of it – but they are powerless faced with the mob. Who are determined to destroy everything.


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