Looking at Reality can Make us Sick

We are part of our world – but recently we have become determined to not be part of it – at least in our minds – in the way we look at the world, at each other, ourselves – and our latest invention, the computer.

We seem determined to be more like it – and ignore the fact that this makes us less human. As humans, we have a complicated digestive system, ending in a colon – that is acutely sensitive to our our emotional state. And is also prone to getting cancer.

For this reason, all older adults should get a colonoscopy to check on the health of their colon. I once watched a video about this process, as it was happening. I was fascinated by how active my colon was – peristaltic contractions proceeded down its length as though it was alive – which, of course it was – thank heavens!

This was in the States – when I moved to Costa Rica, I had to be contented with a series of color photographs – that I could show to my doctor. If I showed them to anyone else – they got sick, just looking at them. They did not want to know about their colon – or the rest of their guts, for that matter.

They prefered to think of themselves as a computer, with no messy digestive system attached to it.

This is the same objection people had to Darwin’s Evolution – “They were not animals!” people objected. When of course, they were.

I could easily trace this attitude back through our Christian heritage, with its dependence on Platonic metaphysics. Which became formalized in the Middle Ages. But you would not be interested in that. And show how this changed with the coming of the Modern World – but you would not be interested in that either.

I will have to stay with the present, where people are only interested in what they already know – or what they think they know. Which usually has little to do with reality. They think they can easily dispense with that.

In that last paragraph, I was forced to refer to thinking frequently. Knowing full well that this thinking was not thinking at all – but fantasizing.

There is a difference. We cannot dispense with reality – not matter what we think.


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