Nietzsche’s German Meglomania

I just downloaded a recording of Thus Spoke Zarathustra. A book I must have started at least once before, but never finished.

Somehow listening to it gave me an insight into it that I never had before. It begins with an intro by his brother – who makes it clear that he took this nonsense very seriously. And that he got this attitude directly from the Germany of his time. Who would put his ideas into practice in WWI and WWII.

Nietzsche’s megalomania was in direct contrast to who he really was – a miserable failure. A contrast that would later be personified by Hitler himself.

This insight is nothing new. Historians have documented the recent creation of the German state – that inflamed the German people with Nationalism of the worst kind. And blinded the rest of the world to its dangers.

Some respectable philosophers were also blinded – they saw only his good side (which certainly existed) and overlooked the rest.


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