Why Old Age is Good for Me

I am listening to The Aging Brain – where the instructor is posing as an expert – a tricky pose that exposes you to ridicule. He keeps saying he is a scientist – which he no doubt is, but that is not saying much. I would like to know what kind of scientist he is. And what kind of scientist all the other researchers are that he quotes constantly. He should explain this on the first day of  the course.

He has recently spent a whole day reporting on different studies about – why old people feel better! There are different theories about why this is so – all with long, esoteric names, suitable only for the scientific literature.

As an old person (I am 79 years old) I can tell you, easily enough, why old age is good for me. I was able to move to Costa Rica, where I can live on my Social Security income. Few Americans can do this – but it has worked for me.

That is one reason, but the other reason is what many old people will tell you – I now understand myself better – and other people better. Life does teach you something – and something basic.

Got that? It’s about understanding – something this expert does not understand.


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