Business has Become a Global Theocracy

A Christian theocracy originally, although it has morphed into a secular religion. But a religion it is – and this gives it its irrational, violent appeal. It can do as it pleases, and nothing can stand against it.

Everyone knows this, unconsciously – and have responded by quietly disappearing, and abandoning any moral values they might have had. Being successful has replaced being right.

Perhaps this is an overstatement – some parts of the Islamic world are not part of it. And, in fact are violently apposed to it.

The Business world could  respond to this easily enough – by saying they had jobs – the most precious thing on earth. Except they no longer had very many. The rapid growth they used to have – has turned into slow growth, with few new jobs.

The Business world has moved into uncharted waters, full of dangerous shoals. It can say it has everything under control – but few can believe that. They want results, not talk – and any close examination shows them that these are not forthcoming.

Is there a solution to this? Yes, but it requires honesty looking our problems in the face. Getting up on our hind legs, and using our heads.


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