Jimmy Evans

Jimmy was a roommate of mine for one year at a religious college – Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. It was sponsored by the RLDS church – which has since ceased to exist.

Jimmy was physically deformed because he had been x-rayed while still a fetus. He was extremely friendly – almost too much so.

He told me an interesting story about his father – who had become involved in politics in their hometown of Sioux City, Iowa. His father was not too bright either – and served for a short time as the acting mayor of the city – before he was indicted on charges of corruption. He was the fall guy for some political operatives much smarter than he was. They told him if he would plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge, which would end his political career – they would not prosecute him any further. But if he fought the charge, things would get very unpleasant for him and his family.

I never investigated the truth of his story, because I transferred to the U. of Illinois and became an Electronic Engineer. My first job was in Sioux City, Iowa – where I renewed my acquaintance with Jimmie and his family. What a strange family! The father was fat, and sexually harassed his female employees. At that time, in 1959, employers could still get away with this. Jimmy had a sister, who was as cynical a woman as I have ever met. And a younger brother who was completely normal.

I could never figure out what was going on in that house. It was too much for me to understand. When I moved on, in my job – I soon forgot about it.

The Midwest was full of crazy towns – and I could name a few of them.


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