Coping with Craziness

Insanity is part of the human condition – and every culture has its own variety. I have gone through several cultures (and several kinds of insanity) in my life – a period of extremely rapid change.

The last phase of which was my time in the Computer World, ending in Silicon Valley – a crazy place if ever there was one. But one determined to ignore this. Its therapists (and the place was full of them, of every type imaginable) should have recognized this, and helped their clients cope with this – but they did not.

They were busy saying, with everyone else “Nothing bad is going on!” when plenty bad was going on, And a particularly virulent kind – that became the Startup Culture – that has been so well-documented. But the larger insanity that it came from has still been ignored.

I have tried to write about this – but have been forced to conclude that this is impossible. The US (and the UK and the EU) have all self-destructed – like many empires before them. The people involved have never understood what was going on – that their world was ending.

I now live in a backward culture (Costa Rica) but one that still likes people. I now understand my own craziness better,  and can live with it, without too much trouble.


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