We Thought the Computer Would Make Us Wonderful

Because of this, we would do anything it wanted us to. And what it wanted us to do was make it better. We have made it better, very much better – but it has not made us better. In fact, it may have made us worse.

We have become destructive, and have set about destroying our world. This is the most important fact of our time. And we must correlate that with the rise of the Computer and Television – two entirely different technologies, but as far as most people are concerned – they are the same.

I repeat – we have destroyed ourselves, and the Computer was instrumental in that destruction. But not all of the Computer – only part of it, what we call the social media – Facebook and Twitter. And Television helps to do the same thing – make us stupid and destructive.

These are both networked technologies, and the Computer has its Internet and Wireless networks – that now span the world. We have a global economy without the global governance to control it.

We have done what any technology wants us to do – made it better. Whether this benefits us or not. When we can no longer distinguish between what would benefit us, and what would benefit it – we are in very big trouble.

This, I think, is what has made us so destructive – we can see (with our unconscious minds) that we are no longer in control of our world – and we have resolved to destroy it entirely – and start over.

This is not very smart, but we are so far removed from our beginnings, somewhere on the savannas of Africa – it’s a wonder we have gotten as far as we have.


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