Productivity in Software Development

The Computer has dragged us, screaming and kicking, into a new world, that we are not comfortable in. You may object that you don’t hear any screaming and kicking – but that is because all this action is going on in our unconscious minds – where it is real enough.

Everything we learned in the Industrial World – and we learned a lot – has to be reevaluated. What does creativity mean? What does productivity mean? What does innovation mean? All of this has to be put in another context – that most people are not familiar with – and don’t want to be familiar with.

In the Industrial World, people were trained as workers – and these workers were to concentrate on their jobs exclusively – and not on anything outside of these jobs. In the Computer World, people have to consider everything – because if they don’t – their ventures will fail.

This means most people are not needed in the Computer World – they have no jobs there – and they are most unhappy about this. They scream, and they scream loudly “What about us? Don’t we get part of the action?”

And the answer is “No!”


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